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Hopefully this will go thru as a note.  Someone wrote asking for help with addresses to get grants.  Their comment couldn’t go thru.  Info on grants is available on Google.  Make sure you phrase it well.  Librarians are very helpful.  Contact info at Smal Business Administration – SBA.  This will help.

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Changes are happening fast and furiously in the field of publlishing. You’ve read that over the past year or so, far more e-books have been published than paperbacks. Now, studies have found that people seem to be in love with e-books as never before.  Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers abound. And it is presently the age of the $0.99 e-books to fill those readers.

What does this mean to and for you? Well, several things. If you’ve always yearned to self-publish, now may be the time to get in the swim, or at least swing your legs over the side of the pool, studying what’s going on; something I recommend.  Help with independent — indie — publishing has never been better.

To digress, I would advise that right at the beginning you get engaged to and marry Google.  Do it right and it will become one of the most useful tools in the universe.  I will give tips at a later time to make your life easier here.  At this time, I just want you to know the field is wide open, it’s interesting, not easy, but not impossible either, and you can run the race and win, trust me.

This time I’ll throw out a few very helpful places.  Begin with Google to get a fuller listing.  At the outset, if you’re an independent soul, choose a place that will advise you and let you set your own prices, with a warning that they must be reasonable.  Publishers are in business to make money and make it they do.  With my own experience and talking with others, I’ve come to like Amazon’s Createspace, which I’ve found  phenomenal, the UK’s Lighning Source, which a friend swears by, and Lulu, which others swear by.  They’re all reached by adding .com to the name.  I’d suggest that you get online and study their literature.

By all means, don’t run, walk carefully.  CreateSpace will publish your book free.  They make money selling the copies you order, as do the rest, but others do charge an upfront fee.

Let me warn you at the outset, if it’s big, easy money you’re looking for, go elsewhere.  It ain’t coming from here.  Here again, I’m going to refer you to Google to tell you what the average neophyte- published book earns.  But writing is like anything else, you generally get out of it what you put in

The very first thing you’ll need to do is study the literature, Google, go to your library and talk with your librarian who is often knowledgeable about independent publishing.  Go deep into yourself and take your very good time finding out if this will work for you, or if you’d rather bake cakes or play your video games.

These blogs will be several weeks apart, and in the future I’ll tell you more about my experiences and that of others and some will be guest bloggers.

In the meantime, let me remind you that excerpts for the coming-in-2011 Solomon and  Sheba, a biblically-based romance,  and the on-sale-online Dying on the Edge, a voodoo mystery, have several excerpts on this website for your enjoyment.

I’d love to see you here next time!

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