Watching out for Pitfalls in Indie Publishing

I haven’t wanted to be this long since my last articles, but there is really enough to be found on Amazon and Smashwords to keep you busy for a couple of months. They answer questions readily and well, and these two will be your best bet for indie publishing that works well, looks good and is helpful in seling your work.

I’ve been gathering info on a few of the pitfalls of getting starting in indie publishing. I had written for publishers like Harlequin, BET (no longer in action) and one other major women’s fiction publishers for almost twenty years. Then e=book publishing opened up for freelancers and I jumped on it. Ah, freedom has been wonderful. Now it is dimming somewhat, but is still good. But you need to be on top of it, to know, to ferret out what is good and what is bad.

Google is going to be one of the most useful tools you’ll find. Go to it to find valid companies that offer help in getting indie publishers started. Be sure you ask what complaints are against any company you choose as well as what the praise is. Most are expensive. Some are extremely helpful; some are barely so. But you’re going to get no more than you pay for. And please get ready to do your own spadework. Find out what your target audience is. I cannot tell you how to do this. I don’t think anybody can. But you can check around for groups that would be interested in what you’re offering. Facebook has many groups.

I put topics like this first. You want to spend as little as you can, consistent with good help at the beginning. There is so much you can do and so much that others have to do for you. Check and double check everything. Do the best work you’re capable of and develop eagle eyes and spirit.

I think you’re going to find this more than it seems here. Doing it right will greatly increase your speed and your effectiveness in a later time.

I’m looking for every useful thing I can tell you These articles will run from about every 10 days to two weeks and I really look forward to your comments. Until next time please go with God and remember that prayer truly works!

Love and blessings,


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