Two Who Love Self-Publishing

Splendor In The Sky

Splendor In The Sky

As I said last week, self-publishing is the wave of the future and there are good reasons. Prices are variable and some are affordable.  Others are pricier, but offer more, sometimes much more.  Publishers now demand that you not  only write a best seller, but that you get out there are push it for all you’re worth.  And more than a few good writers have decided if they’re going to give it all they’ve got,they might as well keep a bigger share of the profits.

If you’re interested in self-publishing, please check out Felecia Trotter’s letter from my last blog.  She’s high on self publishing. And don’t forget to check out what she says about Wagfest and the link that takes you to it.  Wagest ought to be required membership all over the country, but trust Atlanta to be there with it.

The second person is me.  I’m having “Dying On The Edge,” my murder mystery with a romantic edge and ribbons of Vodoun (voodoo) interwoven. If self-publishing interests you, get on Google and check it out.  You won’t be alone because there’s all kinds of help available.

Don’t let that story you feel you were born to write languish unseen.  Write it!  Just think, four pages a day, faithfully done, can yield 20 pages a week, with weekends off, eighty pages a month.  Add it up.  The average novel is 300 pages.

Of course, there is rewriting, self-editing before you get a paid editor, proofing, etc.  But think of the joy like no other save birth or sex, and you’ll want to mull it over.

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