Two Best Bets for Info on Indie Publishing

Please know from the beginning that some of the best information in indie publlishing comes from Amazon and from Smashwords., and Both will publish your e-books free. Play it wise and spend time studying, then going over and taking and saving notes on what you learn. Amazon employees are courteous and immensely helpful. Yo can access Help from the bottom or the top of most pages. Patience, patience, and more patience will be needed here. You know the old saw that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Please don’t expect to become a successful indie publisher in a month. It helps to prepare for the long haul.

Foorms are there to ask for help. Be specific. Be couurteous. You will receive an answer within 24 hours or they will tell you why you don’t. Remember, you are dealing with fellow humans here, not automation. It pays to be kind.

The much smaller, but also excellent publishing company is Smashwords. Mark Coker, who founded this publisher writes a terrific newsletter fairly often. I find top-rate material here that doesn’t just give you many of the nuts and bolts of indie publishing, but a few wise-old-owl admonitions. My faavorite is, and I paraphrase, “Just because you make money today, don’t be sure you’ll make it tomorrow.

I cannot stress strongly enough that you will have to spend ample time calling up and studying your best two bets for indie publishing. And don’t forget the remarkabe Google that can give you more help than you would believe. Again. be secific about the info you want, and try again with other wording if you don’t get it.

Next time, I will continue to delve into more of indie publishing. There are places that can give you more help for sometimes high fees. You may want to try them. You can also learn from them, but you’ll need an excellent budget. Until then, I wish you a great summertime!

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  1. Daniel Says:

    So whats new here?

  2. Francine Craft Says:

    What’a new here, Daniel may or may notbe new to you, but others are fledgling writers and write that they have not this info.

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