Tips to Help you Master E-book Publishing

This blog is the second part of a three-part blog on E-book publishing.  The author is Shawn James, an excellent and helpful writer who can be reached at  Mr. james is available for consultation and general help.

The more venues a title is available at mean more places for readers to discover an author’s work.  And each e-book has its own niche audience and some titles in certain genres will sell better in some venues than others.

An author may think after self-publishing an e-book their work is done.  It’s just started.  Formatting and publishing an e-book is only the first part of reaching the reading audience.  In order for readers o find an author’s e-books, authors have to promote them.

There are many avenues that work in getting sales from customers.  These approaches include -

Alwas offering free e-books throughout the year.  A self-published author should always offer a few e-books throughout the year.  Free e-books allow new readers an opportunity to sample an author’s work and gives them a reason to try other titles in the author’s catalog.  A variety of free titles during busy periods like summer and the holidays can often lead to sales of other titles in the future.

Some authors have found success by offering one book for free in a series and then charging for subsequent volumes.  Others have found success by splitting longer novels into smaller volumes and offering the first few chapters for free.  When the customer is hooked, they pay to read the other parts of the novel.

Offering more than one title – An author who is self-publishing e-books should always have more than one title in their catalog.  After buying your title, some readers will want more.  Give them a reason for ccome back for more!

Offer titles at 99 cents. -Authors can make their e-book prices anything they want.  However, most self-published authors should set their price at 99 cents.  While this price seems low,  it’s a price where most customers feel  enough incentive to take a risk and try an unproved author’s work.  At this price, an author can build a word-of-mouth among readers,  It’s usually those referrals that will get more readers to buy an author’s books on a regular basis.

Tie two books together. – One of the most successful strategies I’ve had in selling e-books is to serialize them.  Readers who enjoyed the first book will probably take a chance on the second in a series.

And serialiing doesn’t have to be direct.  An author can feature supporting characters from one story as main characters in another.  Or lightly reference events from one story in another.  Readers who loved the first story will defnitely give that new title a try.

Smart authors aggressively utilize social media in promoting self-published e-books.  E-books spread their word of mouth in cyberspace.  And the way people know about new e-books is through posting links on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.  A smart author self-publishing e-books aggressively promotes their titles on all these social media forums every day.

The best time to promote an e-book on social media during the day is from 11 AM – 2PM when most people are at lunch.  After people visit social media websites during these breaks.  At night, an author should place ads  from 8 PM to 1130 PM.

In the nex six weeks or so, Mr. James gives several more hot tips that will help you greatly in mastering ebook publishing.  That will be the third and final segment.  I would suggest that you copy these three parts and keep them in your master file.  I haven’t found anything on the market that is more helpful, and he has my deepest appreciation for letting me use this material.

Have a pleasant rest of the summer, write to your heart’s content, and read, read, and read some more!  Here’s hoping I see you in a few weeks in the space.


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