Taking Care Of Yourself, The Writer

Flowing Water

This is an even more enjoyable blog for me to write because my message  is to take care of yourself and the writer in you.  I think more than anyone else, we’re driven.  These fantasy people move into our heads and if we aren’t careful, they’ll run, and sometimes ruin, our lives.  Which one of us hasn’t come awake in the middle of the night with characters demanding to be written about — now.  This can be a wonderful thing, because it doesn’t last forever.  Just be certain you get the total rest you need afterward.  Listen to your body and find out just what that is.  We’re also finding out that daily naps are good for us.

Food and exercise come next.  Put yourself on a lifetime eating plan that gives your precious body the nutrients it needs.  Scientists have found that the human body does best on a sparing diet.  Don’t deprive yourself, just eat what you like wisely.  And exercise is just as important.  Talking with others, I’ve found that when we find exercises we like to do, we stick with them.  Anything from calisthenics to belly dancing is just dandy.  But don’t overdo.  This is about taking care of yourself.

Whatever you do, please don’t forget about the spiritual part of you.  It’s so much a part of creating any kind of art.  Think deeply about what you believe, study and dwell on it.  Don’t be afraid to doubt, because oftimes the deepest faith is based on feeling free to doubt.  I believe in a personal God and He has helped me through many a rough spot.  It’s up to you to find out what spirituality works best for you.  Family and friends are so much a part of you.  Treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve and certainly do the same for yourself.

With these things under your belt, you’ll surely find yourself feeling better, writing better and being happier.

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