Watching out for Pitfalls in Indie Publishing

I haven’t wanted to be this long since my last articles, but there is really enough to be found on Amazon and Smashwords to keep you busy for a couple of months. They answer questions readily and well, and these two will be your best bet for indie publishing that works well, looks good and is helpful in seling your work.

I’ve been gathering info on a few of the pitfalls of getting starting in indie publishing. I had written for publishers like Harlequin, BET (no longer in action) and one other major women’s fiction publishers for almost twenty years. Then e=book publishing opened up for freelancers and I jumped on it. Ah, freedom has been wonderful. Now it is dimming somewhat, but is still good. But you need to be on top of it, to know, to ferret out what is good and what is bad. Read the rest of this entry »

More Useful Websites to Help you Succeed in Indie Publishing – Part 2

Whatever you do, please don’t let anyone else’s thinking replace yours. You’ve written your book(s) — quite an accomplishment. Now you want to get it in the hands of readers. Truly good editing and proofing are absolute necessities. Google or the word of a trusted friend who has used the editor and proofer will help. If Google, be sure to check for complaints and kudos for your choice. If it’s to be an e-book, you’ll need a specialist in this to save pulling out your hair.

The best people to prepare your edited and proofed manuscript for e-book publishing will do it for both Amazon and Smashwords for the same price. Again, work with Google on this. They have the formats, etc. I’ve known writers who do their own, but I can’t sweat it These two companies are premier in the field and give a world of support and publicity. From them, you get worldwide distribution and special articles to keep up with what’s going on. Read the rest of this entry »

Self-publishing: Marketing

How To Realx

When do you market this gem that you’ve written?  As soon as it’s finished?  Wait for reviews?  Neither.  If you’re wise, you’ll begin your marketing even before you start your book.  Once you’ve designed, outlined and pretty much know what the book is about, start marketing.  Bear with me while I explain why.

It’ a big help to blog when you’re a writer.  Your readers so often have the best ideas imaginable, and they can help you avoid expensive mistakes.  By discussing your book, you’re getting a feel for what others like and will buy and enjoy.  Don’t let their ideas substitute for yours, but listen carefully, exchange ideas and don’t forget to  compliment.  Okay, you’re writing all the time you’re doing this.  You’ll find it’s much easier to write.

In time, your book is finished, revised, and you feel it’s the best you can do.  Now is the time for a market analysis.  Google it for good leads.  The one I used to extreme satisfaction is  They’re inexpensive at about two hundred dollars and worth their weight in platinum.  You’ll find a listing of similar books, how well they sold, for how long, and for how much.   They’ll also make suggestions for exactly where to market.  Who will carry your precious book and who won’t.  This way, you won’t waste your precious money pitching toward readers who couldn’t be less interested.

It’s not a concept I wrote with before and it sounded foreign to me, but I tried and now wouldn’t be without it.  I will be writing more about marketing when you really get into it.  Believe me your work will be far easier and far less expensive.

Later:  More marketing tips.  The value of a superb edit


Self-publishing: Make Blogging Your Friend

You and Blogging

You and Blogging

I hope you like or can learn to like blogging, because it will prove to be one of the best things you can do to market your book.  One writer said, “Well, it just seems to be the wandering of my mind.”  But oh, it’s so much more.  It’s a great way to communicate, to share your thoughts with the readers you want.  Some people are putting excerpts of their books on their websites and on other venues like

Another excellent blog to study is this one:  You get so much information on self-publishing here.  Authors who’ve successfully published with them tell you how they did it, what worked and what didn’t work.  I don’t think blogs get much more useful than this.

So, put on your blogging hat and get started.  You don’t have to publish your blogs until you’re comfortable with them, but you don’t need to take forever to get comfortable.  People know you make mistakes and most are forgiving.  Try it.  You’ll like it.  I promise.

Self-publishing – Study the Field

Flowing Water

Flowing Water

It will be useful to you to study the ever widening field of self-publishing.  There is now a fairly wide range of publishers out there that will help you with your book.  Google the subject, then google the ones that seem a most likely fit.  I believe you  will find that . offers more than most.  I found them reasonable, but if you need real economy, there are others you’ll readily find on Google.

I’d like you to check in with Wheatmark and order their big brochure entitled “Marketecture.”  It gave me so much more assurance about what I wanted from my book in terms of audience, expenses, energy I would need to expend.   The brochure suggested that I actually begin thinking about and planning marketing before writing the book.  Think about it and you’ll find it makes great sense.

Tomorrow I have another suggestion with this company that will prove to be one of the backbones of your marketing.  Hey, you’ve written a book and that’s wonderful.  Now get out there and let the world know how good it is.