Solomon and Sheba – Prologue

July 4, 2007, 9:00 a.m. - Marigold,  Maryland – on the Eastern Shore

Sheba Davis sat on the back seat of her twin Ernie’s  snazzy black Porsche just behind Martina Solomon, who was both their friend.  Martina’s  daughter, Kaya, sat just behind Ernie and from time to time looked at Sheba and smiled.  Kaya was nine and often commented on Sheba’s burgeoning belly.   Five  months pregnant, Sheba often touched her own body where her baby had begun to move.  Now she thought sorrowfully that her late husband, Scott, would have loved watching his child grow, touching his wife ardently the way he did.  They were so in love.  She felt the start of tears  just behind her eyelids.

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Dying on the Edge: Fifth Excerpt

Cloudy Ocean Shoreline

Hello again.  You’ll notice I use the same dark and stormy photo I’ve used before.  It’s about the gloomiest I could find and it portends trouble and grief, which is the way I view incest and other abuse, especially child abuse. I would have liked to use Munch’s “The Scream,” if I could have found an available copy.  I hope like me you read it and weep – then set out to help!

Frank Ryman, the lead detective is in his office where a young black couple has been ushered in.  He notices that the woman is somewhat unsteady on her feet and her companion is very solicitous of her.  She has been the understudy for the murdered woman.  Frank has asked the man to wait outside.

“My name is Carlotta Matthews.  I’ve never been married, so it’s Ms. Matthews, my father’s name.”

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