Wishing You The Happiest of New Years – 2012

Happy New Year to all! May this be one of the best years you’ve ever known. And may all the years to follow be years in which you walk with God, love and treasure yourself. Be the person you want to be and win what you want to win!

A few weeks back, as excerpts to Solomon and Sheba (to be released in October 2012) were coming to an end, I wrote that I would be giving you tips, help, encouragment with indie (independent) publishing you’re doing, on the verge of doing, or simply want to do. I’ve studied self-publishing for 20 or more years before doing it. Now I’ve been there, done that and I’m altogether willing to share what I’ve learned. It’s neither a thing of glory nor a can of worms. It’s something some do far better than others.

I couldn’t begin because my computer had sprung a gllitch. Hopefully that’s behind me and no later than February (early), I’ll be bringing youu these blogs. Meanwhile, remember there is on this site l segment of what Solomon and Sheba is about. (It’s based somewhat on the biblical Solomon and Sheba and keeps its intensity and heat.) There is a prologue and there are 5 chapters for you to read and decide whether you want to continue. Then there are six chapters from my voodoo mystery, Dying on the Edge, with a partial Haitian background.

I hope you’ll join me in the days to come. There’s plenty on this website for you to read until I begin the blogs. As I said at the beginning: Happy New Year! I look forward to your being here.

Solomon and Sheba – Chapter 7

Yes I know, I’m skipping about and all for a reason.  I want you to get the full  flavor of S&S to see if it’s your cup of tea or java as I hope it is.  This novel has many characters, but only a few can be well delineated.  Those I only touch on will have enough meat on their psychic bones to let you know where they’re coming from.  There are wonderful black, white and couples of other races, happy and unhappy – and real.  I think you’ll  like the town of Marigold, Maryland on the Eastern Shore, its multiculturism and the striving of the citizens for a good life.  Sit back and savor it.  Read the prior chapters just under this one, all the way back to what S&S is about. This will be part of a series.   Happy reading!

Early December.  Dusk with an early moon.  Sheba thought the Chesapeake Bay had never been lovelier.  Greenish and rippling in the wind, that body of water had always been one of her favorites.  It was a cloudy day, warm for December and  she turned to Marty as they stood on the deck of Mark and Marguerite’s small yacht, The Heller.  “Hey, this is living,” she told him. ” I love being alone with you, but somehow I wish, too, that the whole congregation could come with us for a while, the children who need it most anyway.”

Marty nodded.  Right now he felt he only needed his wife; they should grab more time together with just the two of them. “I guess I hadn’t realized how tired I am. Last night’s sleep leaves me rested though.  It’s a good thing I got my Mother Vangie’s genes and her energy.”  Marty always seemed thoughtful when he spoke of Vangie. Read the rest of this entry »

Solomon and Sheba – Chapter 14

Okay, so I last gave you Chapter 3.  Now 14?  I’m skipping about to give you the full flavor of  S&S.  This chapter is about Sheba’s grandfather Joe and his beloved wife Miss Addie Love.   You won’t get lost herein.  I think you’ll follow easily because each chapter has an explanatory note.  Happy reading!

It was a happy night at Church of the Holy Redeemer.  In one of the spacious rooms set aside for gatherings, a group called Good Marriages Forever had gathered to fete a few of the most active and devoted couples.  Everybody felt that Papa Joe Isaacs and Miss Addie Love  just about headed the list.  Still they had insisted on being the last ones honored.  Now it was their time and properly introduced, Papa Joe rose, looked around and his twinkling eyes settled on his beloved Addie, who sat in the small audience on the front seat.  He boldly threw her a kiss and she blushed.

“My speech tonight is different from the Bible’s Adam’s,” he began.  “He said ‘Lord, this woman you gave me,’ and went on to complain about Eve.  Me,  I’ve got no complaints about my mate Miss Addie. If any apples were offered for biting into, I offered one to her and she trusted me enough to bite.   She’s about as perfect as they come.  She’s been my mate, my precious bedfellow, my love,  for I won’t say for how long.  Lord, I’m  not sure I remember.  But I do remember that while the people of this time don’t talk much about saints anymore, Miss Addie is a saint sent to me directly by God.”  For a moment, he seemed to have a lot more to say, but he choked up and brushed away a few tears.  “I love her.  I need her.  I want her.  She and I will be forever together.  I just can’t talk anymore.  I’m all choked up on  love.” Read the rest of this entry »

Solomon and Sheba – Chapter 1

Note to Readers:  I neglected to tell  you that this is a work in progress and so you will find a few errors.  The final version of S&S will be relatively free of errors and will make a smoother read.  I just wanted you to get the concept of this book and invite you to offer any suggestions you wish.  I welcome them all.

“Crazy jackass!” Sheba Solomon muttered half under her breath.  She had just stared again into the malevolent eyes of Punch Motherwell and her stomach was tying itself into knots.  Had it been three years ago?

“What did you say, honey?” her  husband, Marty Solomon asked before he belatedly got her comment.  “I’m afraid I was thinking the same thing.  I guess it’s not very Christian of either one of us.” Read the rest of this entry »

Solomon and Sheba – Prologue

July 4, 2007, 9:00 a.m. - Marigold,  Maryland – on the Eastern Shore

Sheba Davis sat on the back seat of her twin Ernie’s  snazzy black Porsche just behind Martina Solomon, who was both their friend.  Martina’s  daughter, Kaya, sat just behind Ernie and from time to time looked at Sheba and smiled.  Kaya was nine and often commented on Sheba’s burgeoning belly.   Five  months pregnant, Sheba often touched her own body where her baby had begun to move.  Now she thought sorrowfully that her late husband, Scott, would have loved watching his child grow, touching his wife ardently the way he did.  They were so in love.  She felt the start of tears  just behind her eyelids.

Read the rest of this entry »