Solomon and Sheba – Chapter 14

Okay, so I last gave you Chapter 3.  Now 14?  I’m skipping about to give you the full flavor of  S&S.  This chapter is about Sheba’s grandfather Joe and his beloved wife Miss Addie Love.   You won’t get lost herein.  I think you’ll follow easily because each chapter has an explanatory note.  Happy reading!

It was a happy night at Church of the Holy Redeemer.  In one of the spacious rooms set aside for gatherings, a group called Good Marriages Forever had gathered to fete a few of the most active and devoted couples.  Everybody felt that Papa Joe Isaacs and Miss Addie Love  just about headed the list.  Still they had insisted on being the last ones honored.  Now it was their time and properly introduced, Papa Joe rose, looked around and his twinkling eyes settled on his beloved Addie, who sat in the small audience on the front seat.  He boldly threw her a kiss and she blushed.

“My speech tonight is different from the Bible’s Adam’s,” he began.  “He said ‘Lord, this woman you gave me,’ and went on to complain about Eve.  Me,  I’ve got no complaints about my mate Miss Addie. If any apples were offered for biting into, I offered one to her and she trusted me enough to bite.   She’s about as perfect as they come.  She’s been my mate, my precious bedfellow, my love,  for I won’t say for how long.  Lord, I’m  not sure I remember.  But I do remember that while the people of this time don’t talk much about saints anymore, Miss Addie is a saint sent to me directly by God.”  For a moment, he seemed to have a lot more to say, but he choked up and brushed away a few tears.  “I love her.  I need her.  I want her.  She and I will be forever together.  I just can’t talk anymore.  I’m all choked up on  love.” Read the rest of this entry »