Second Excerpt from Dying on the Edge

Cloudy Ocean Shoreline

In this, the second excerpt from Dying on the Edge, a woman is reminiscing about  visiting Port au Prince, Haiti and a noted houngan (voodoo high priest) in search of a spell, potions, or poisons to kill a woman whose husband she intends to have.  The houngan is Papa Henri Delacroix and like most other men, he is entranced by this woman.

“Welcome again,” Papa Henry had said, seemingly delighted to see her.  He was very tall, with light chocolate-hued skin and long, tangled locks of kinky gray hair.  He was wearing a robe of light gray cotton.

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New Things Coming and More Advice

I sincerely thank all of you for continuing to check in to my blog.  I’ve had over a month of computer trouble.  Now, I’m refurbishing the site to make it more user friendly.  I’m changing colors to blend in with my new book cover for Dying On The Edge, a romantic voodoo mystery that comes out in July, or a bit earlier.  Right now, you can see and order from  It”s a trade paperback, $18.95 , free shipping and handling.  Of course I’m prejudiced, but I’ve been told by an expert in the field that ”It’s a great read.”  We’re working to get it on Amazon and all online bookstores, as well as Kindle. That will be done by or  before July.

Getting back to you — and I’ve never really been away — I’d like to  beg you to get on with studying marketing even as you work on your masterpiece.  You  cannot succeed without knowing your market.  Please do yourself a favor and check in to  Order their excellent brochure on marketing and use it Read the rest of this entry »