Getting Started with E-Books

E-books are taking over! That’s a factl In 2010 and 2011, two-thirds of books sold were e-books; only about a one-third were published by regular publishers, and that includes paperbacks. Now, e-books can either bring you joy and a neat little bit of money. Or they can cause you to pull out your last five strands of hair. But you’re the boss here, and ┬áit all depends on how much or how little care and precision you put into it.

I would never presume to tell you more than just a little about this new phenomenon. I’ll leave it up to you to Google it, make friends with your librarian, check out blogs on e-books and buy and read lots of pertinent information in books, articles, and the like.

I’m going to start off giving you the names of two online publishing houses you need to contact now. They have a world of excellent info to offer and they’re where you’ll be selling most or just about all of your writing. The first is The second is The first, Amazon, you’re familiar with. Their Kindle has brought and bought e-books to life. Check in on them and study their prodigious free literature. Find out how to upload your books. (It ain’t easy, but it is possible). Google this, too, to find out where help is available to get you started.

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