Some Updates on Dying on the Edge

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This week I begin, as promised, to tell you about my new romantic voodo mystery, Dying on the Edge.  It is available at Wheatmark Bookstore, for $18.95,  free shipping and handling.  It’s taking a bit longer than usual to go on Amazon and Kindle, but will be on,  I would guess, within the next two weeks.  It is taking longer than I had anticipated.

Today, I had planned to have photos of  front and back covers on this site, but the person handling it has hit a slight snag.  Photos will be up within a day or so.  Today, I’ll just give you a bit of information and tomorrow I’ll give you the copy from the back cover that is a true description of the book’s storyline. Read the rest of this entry »

Beginning Next Week, Keep Your Eyes On This Blog Space

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My new romantic voodoo mystery, Dying On The Edge, will be released in early July.  I believe you’ll enjoy this tale of mischief, murder, voodoo, a film star who “had to have” another woman’s husband and so, set out to take him.  Next week, I’ll begin to give you particulars in the form of excerpts and storyline.  Tell me what you think.  I enjoy interaction.  We grow by listening, then weighing pros and cons.

In the meantime, I shouldn’t have to, but I beg you to get on top of your marketing.  It’s your book.  Stand by it!

Child Abuse Awareness Month

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April is a lovely month to designate as Child Abuse Awareness Month.  The world comes awake from long months of winter cold and slumber and blossoms into months of splendor.  It’s yet another great time to be alive!

But it isn’t such a great time if you’re an abused child, cowering, helpless, feeling alone even if you’re not, because no one is stopping your craven punishment whether verbal, physical, emotional, or mental.  You hurt so bad it feels unbearable – and sometimes you die from it.  Someone could have helped, but no one did and maybe no one will.

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Tears For Shaniya Davis

Little Shaniya Davis

Little Shaniya Davis

Few things have caught my troubled attention like the Shaniya Davis case.  This little five-year-old’s background is pretty well known, and the fact that she was raped, strangled, and abandoned by a monster her mother had sold her to as a sex slave is well known too.  The funeral drew 2,000 or more mourners and a famous sports star paid for her funeral.

Yes, I weep and others weep for another of God’s little angels, but how long will our tears last?  And what will we do to prevent this kind of thing from happening again?  I’ve done articles of abuse of all kinds, because any abuse demeans the human spirit and human life.  I got little response.  I belong to Child Prevention Abuse organizations.  Do you?  I certainly hope so.

Shaniya’s mother is a monster who should never have become a mother.  Yet she has another seven-year-old daughter and is pregnant with a child by her present lover.  Monster or not, her life goes on.  Detectives say she sold Shaniya into sex slavery to pay off her bills.  You have only to look at the photos of the child in her last days to know she was being wretchedly treated.  Her hair is neglected, her suffering is plainly mirrored on her face.  This child was being looked after, or rather neglected, by someone from hell.

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