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Blue Marlin Jumping

For a moment you’ll feel shortchanged, but don’t.  I’m referrng you to a lengthy and excellent blog on marketing that Don Harold who owns and runs Bookwhirl, a marketing outfit, has set out from an expert in the field.

Read, enjoy and profit hugely.  I did.  In checking this, I found it a little different.  What you’ll get at first is Mr. Harold’s website.  On the right side scroll down to his blog list and select 7 Marketing Tips, etc..

Make Your Marketing Mark

Well Balanced

Marketing is more than a notion.  Done right, it can yield thrilling results without stripping your budget.  Done wrong, it can make you weep while you wonder where the money went.  Right off the bat, make up your mind to use a hands-on approach no matter what gurus you use.  It’s your baby and you’re the one to handle the basic care.

I’ve found where marketing books is concerned, your best bet is to personally get acquainted with the librarians in your town or city.  Take a well written flyer with a photo of your cover, your author bio and what benefits come from ordering your book.  See that you give maximum discounts, and, of course, see that returns are accepted.  If you don’t do all this, you’re likely to find few takers.

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When You Go To Market

Going Green

You’ll note my heading does not begin with the words self-publishing.  That’s because this blog is as much for writers being published by regular publishers.  If you’re not studying marketing and the ways it’s done nowadays, stop and wonder if you’re serious about what you’re doing.

The average self-published novel sells around 400 copies.  A listing on a mystery writing lineup featuring publishers who are open to mystery acquisitions states that they sell about 2,000 copies.  That was when the economy was neither booming nor sinking.  Think what it’s like today.

What I’m saying holds as true for self-publishers as for those published by regular publishers.  Today’s market needs a different approach.  First of all, you need first-rate books on how and where to sell.  Three I can think of that can be purchased on Amazon — used if need be — and are worth their weight in platinum are John Kremer’s sixth edition of his fabulous “1001 Ways To Market Your Books.”  From soup to nuts he lays out the ways and means of reaching the readers you want.  Another is Penny Sansevieri’s “Red Hot Internet Advertising.”  Still another is “Plug Your Book,” by Steve Weber.  Amazon’s website is

It’s so important to keep abreast of what’s going on in book marketing.  The internet has taken over.  Print is still important, but fading.  All three of these books set forth the steps you need to take to find and keep readers.  And isn’t that what you want most of all?

Self-publishing: Marketing

How To Realx

When do you market this gem that you’ve written?  As soon as it’s finished?  Wait for reviews?  Neither.  If you’re wise, you’ll begin your marketing even before you start your book.  Once you’ve designed, outlined and pretty much know what the book is about, start marketing.  Bear with me while I explain why.

It’ a big help to blog when you’re a writer.  Your readers so often have the best ideas imaginable, and they can help you avoid expensive mistakes.  By discussing your book, you’re getting a feel for what others like and will buy and enjoy.  Don’t let their ideas substitute for yours, but listen carefully, exchange ideas and don’t forget to  compliment.  Okay, you’re writing all the time you’re doing this.  You’ll find it’s much easier to write.

In time, your book is finished, revised, and you feel it’s the best you can do.  Now is the time for a market analysis.  Google it for good leads.  The one I used to extreme satisfaction is  They’re inexpensive at about two hundred dollars and worth their weight in platinum.  You’ll find a listing of similar books, how well they sold, for how long, and for how much.   They’ll also make suggestions for exactly where to market.  Who will carry your precious book and who won’t.  This way, you won’t waste your precious money pitching toward readers who couldn’t be less interested.

It’s not a concept I wrote with before and it sounded foreign to me, but I tried and now wouldn’t be without it.  I will be writing more about marketing when you really get into it.  Believe me your work will be far easier and far less expensive.

Later:  More marketing tips.  The value of a superb edit


Self Publishing: Do Your Basics

Wondrous Sunset

Ask yourself if you really want to succeed.  Stupid question?  Far from it.  Success means many things to many people.  Webster’s definition that I like best speaks of being favored.  Not an exact quote, but that’s one of the deepest meanings.  To be favored is often to meet with hostile envy.  Can you take it?  Think about it long and hard, because it’s an emotional basic of self-publishing.  Not everybody can do it and some will be envious if you’re successful with it.

Now, to the nitty gritty.  Not enough of you who are interested in self-publishing are willing to do the basics.  Study the market for your book — first.  Sound crazy?  Greedy?  It’s not.  Why spend a big chunk of your time, emotions and energy on something that a little spadework will show isn’t going anywhere?  I can hear you groaning that you write from the heart and that’s what matters, isn’t it?

Indeed it is, so why not consider tweaking your treasured baby so it’s what you want it to be and it fits what the reading public wants.  For that, you’re going to need a  market analysis that will tell you who’s reading what, what’s selling, where, and for how long.  Anybody who writes a book and doesn’t get a market analysis is cheating him or herself.  Like love, you have to be involved with it to appreciate it, and like love, it grows and develops as you put yourself into it.

I thought it was crazy to get a market analysis at the beginning.  I’ve learned better and I think you will too.  They aren’t expensive.  You can google it or you can contact  It’s much to your advantage.  Try it.