Is Independent Publishing For You?

We know very well that not everything is for everybody, but we often want to do things that others advise against.  To me, if it’s realistic and reasonable and I want it, I’ll go for it.  Not gonna break the bank for it or make myself sick with overtrying and overwork, but I will tap into how it can work for me.  This is how I felt about independent publishing, and still feel.  My journey into this “indie” field has been long and not without pitfalls.  I think I may be able to save you a few missteps, tears and missed meals if you’ll do the following:

l) Ask yourself if you basically like working alone, can encourage and sustain yourself.  If not, you may be able to work with a friend.  That was not for me and fortuntely I knew it.  I like working alone and often being alone.  Contemplating my emotional navel is one of my best diversions.

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