Solomon and Sheba – Chapter 1

Note to Readers:  I neglected to tell  you that this is a work in progress and so you will find a few errors.  The final version of S&S will be relatively free of errors and will make a smoother read.  I just wanted you to get the concept of this book and invite you to offer any suggestions you wish.  I welcome them all.

“Crazy jackass!” Sheba Solomon muttered half under her breath.  She had just stared again into the malevolent eyes of Punch Motherwell and her stomach was tying itself into knots.  Had it been three years ago?

“What did you say, honey?” her  husband, Marty Solomon asked before he belatedly got her comment.  “I’m afraid I was thinking the same thing.  I guess it’s not very Christian of either one of us.” Read the rest of this entry »

Solomon and Sheba – Prologue

July 4, 2007, 9:00 a.m. - Marigold,  Maryland – on the Eastern Shore

Sheba Davis sat on the back seat of her twin Ernie’s  snazzy black Porsche just behind Martina Solomon, who was both their friend.  Martina’s  daughter, Kaya, sat just behind Ernie and from time to time looked at Sheba and smiled.  Kaya was nine and often commented on Sheba’s burgeoning belly.   Five  months pregnant, Sheba often touched her own body where her baby had begun to move.  Now she thought sorrowfully that her late husband, Scott, would have loved watching his child grow, touching his wife ardently the way he did.  They were so in love.  She felt the start of tears  just behind her eyelids.

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