Make Your Marketing Mark

Well Balanced

Marketing is more than a notion.  Done right, it can yield thrilling results without stripping your budget.  Done wrong, it can make you weep while you wonder where the money went.  Right off the bat, make up your mind to use a hands-on approach no matter what gurus you use.  It’s your baby and you’re the one to handle the basic care.

I’ve found where marketing books is concerned, your best bet is to personally get acquainted with the librarians in your town or city.  Take a well written flyer with a photo of your cover, your author bio and what benefits come from ordering your book.  See that you give maximum discounts, and, of course, see that returns are accepted.  If you don’t do all this, you’re likely to find few takers.

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Self-Publishing: Make It Your Business

Nature At Her Best

If you hope to succeed with self-publishing as with anything else, you’ve got to get your act together. First, relax and use your noodle.  As I’ve pointed out here, study the field thoroughly, take the time to familiarize yourself with the good guys and the bad guys.  Make use of your Better Business Bureau; they’ll point out the rotten ones.  Go to your library, google, check out Amazon, but somehow get the so-called bibles of self-publishing.  There are few, but they’ll save you a lot of trouble.

An excellent place to start is with  That excellent  publishing company offers you a free series of pamphlets for downloading.  Reading them, you’ll find out if self-publishing is for you.  Better to find out early than late.  And too, they have an excellent book for free downloading called Marketecture.  That one book transformed my life, and I’ve been a published writer — by good publishers — for 20 years.  It is well written, clear, concise and to my mind, one of the best I’ve read.

Too much information and your mind is going to sleep.  Please mull this over and come back for more which I’ll share with you often.  I just wish I’d had someone to offer me more tips in a blog, but little was available when I became hooked years ago.  Now you’ve got me and I’ve dug deep and found much.  I’m willing to share because I want your ideas and your experiences. So, stay tuned!

Happy self-publishing!