Watching out for Pitfalls in Indie Publishing

I haven’t wanted to be this long since my last articles, but there is really enough to be found on Amazon and Smashwords to keep you busy for a couple of months. They answer questions readily and well, and these two will be your best bet for indie publishing that works well, looks good and is helpful in seling your work.

I’ve been gathering info on a few of the pitfalls of getting starting in indie publishing. I had written for publishers like Harlequin, BET (no longer in action) and one other major women’s fiction publishers for almost twenty years. Then e=book publishing opened up for freelancers and I jumped on it. Ah, freedom has been wonderful. Now it is dimming somewhat, but is still good. But you need to be on top of it, to know, to ferret out what is good and what is bad. Read the rest of this entry »

You and Independent Publishing


Hopefully this will go thru as a note.  Someone wrote asking for help with addresses to get grants.  Their comment couldn’t go thru.  Info on grants is available on Google.  Make sure you phrase it well.  Librarians are very helpful.  Contact info at Smal Business Administration – SBA.  This will help.

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Changes are happening fast and furiously in the field of publlishing. You’ve read that over the past year or so, far more e-books have been published than paperbacks. Now, studies have found that people seem to be in love with e-books as never before.  Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers abound. And it is presently the age of the $0.99 e-books to fill those readers.

What does this mean to and for you? Well, several things. If you’ve always yearned to self-publish, now may be the time to get in the swim, or at least swing your legs over the side of the pool, studying what’s going on; something I recommend.  Help with independent — indie — publishing has never been better. Read the rest of this entry »

Staying Out Of The Spam Folder

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I’m sure the last thing you want is for your well thought out brochures and flyers to land smack dab in the spam folders of the people you’re trying to interest in your book.  This being true, I’ve checked around and find that your best bet is to go to good old Google and ask the specific question:  “What steps can I take to make sure my advertising info doesn’t go into spam folders?”

Voila!  Up will pop a raft of excellent material on many pages.  It’s up to you to weed out.  Some is more valuable than others.  But I gained far too much to winnow and put in a blog, so I thought it best to let you decide.  One thing is for certain, follow the guidelines and your material stands an excellent chance of going through to its intended recipient.  Good luck!

You’ll get help always at

Some Odds n’ Ends

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I’ve been surfing the internet to find places to suggest you visit to learn a bit more about self-publishing.  It has become a burgeoning field, but there is the good, the bad and the ugly and you need to know who fits where.  Sorry, it’s something you’re going to have to decide for yourself.  Just don’t forget, always check with Better Business Bureau (BBB) office in your city.

I begin with Google.  Ask specific questions about those considered best in the field and you’ll get good answers.  It’s simple.  You’ll get so much information your head will swim.  Tired of that?  Try looking at a few of the numerous individual sites such as  Sooner or later you’ll find one you can live with.  Don Harold, one of the owners, is a pleasant, courteous, helpful person to deal with. They can help with your marketing. There are scores of  others  and such luminaries as Harlequin are getting into the act. 

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Self Publishing: Do Your Basics

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Ask yourself if you really want to succeed.  Stupid question?  Far from it.  Success means many things to many people.  Webster’s definition that I like best speaks of being favored.  Not an exact quote, but that’s one of the deepest meanings.  To be favored is often to meet with hostile envy.  Can you take it?  Think about it long and hard, because it’s an emotional basic of self-publishing.  Not everybody can do it and some will be envious if you’re successful with it.

Now, to the nitty gritty.  Not enough of you who are interested in self-publishing are willing to do the basics.  Study the market for your book — first.  Sound crazy?  Greedy?  It’s not.  Why spend a big chunk of your time, emotions and energy on something that a little spadework will show isn’t going anywhere?  I can hear you groaning that you write from the heart and that’s what matters, isn’t it?

Indeed it is, so why not consider tweaking your treasured baby so it’s what you want it to be and it fits what the reading public wants.  For that, you’re going to need a  market analysis that will tell you who’s reading what, what’s selling, where, and for how long.  Anybody who writes a book and doesn’t get a market analysis is cheating him or herself.  Like love, you have to be involved with it to appreciate it, and like love, it grows and develops as you put yourself into it.

I thought it was crazy to get a market analysis at the beginning.  I’ve learned better and I think you will too.  They aren’t expensive.  You can google it or you can contact  It’s much to your advantage.  Try it.