Getting into a Right for Writing Frame of Mind

Greetings Blog Friends! Sometimes we sit down with a mind full of what we want to write – and our mind goes just about blank. It’s a bummer and can consume a lot of lost time. I’ve learned to first concentrate on putting myself into a right frame of mind. Since I’m spiritual and religious, I spend a short while praying. Prayers work fantastically well for me. You might chose to just sit and reflect on what you want to write. I pray that God will direct my hands and my mind to help and to heal others. I’ve never failed to feel my mind clear and focus well on what I want to say. I’ve already jotted down the gist of my blog. Put my confidence cap on and then I begin.

Is this working for you? If not, you may be so independent you want to try your own way of doing, and so be it. Try doing it your way a few times and see if this works better for you. It is just so important that your mind work with you and not against you. By all means learn to say what you mean and mean what you say. Read the rest of this entry »

BUILDING FAITH: A Journey from Death to Life (Second Excerpt)

Dear friends, please accept my aologies for the many errors in my first posting of this a few days earlier. I simply placed it on the website, intending to correct and repost. However, my allergies wreaked havoc on me quickly. In hardly being able to breathe, I forgot to go back in and update. I re-read it and I do think the meaning and language throughout was understandable in the previous post. Here’s hoping you’re allergy free and having a great summer! The first excerpt will remain on ths site. Herewith, the second.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In the days following the cancer diagnosis, my life was a constant round of turmoil. How could I have cancer? I was a health nut. I spent a small fortune on vitamins, minerals and food supplements. And I took them all religiously. This together with proper sleep, rest, and relaxation. I had just successfully finished years of psychotherapy. My writing career was going well. Everything was coming up roses — or so I had thought.

Cancer! My mind fled back to my maternal grandfather’s colon cancer. His death from that scourge after two years of suffering still hit me hard, in spite of therapy. He had been my world. I still consider him the only one in my entire family who had loved me unconditionally until he died during July of my ninth summer. Even now, I feel cold as I write this. Read the rest of this entry »

Taking Care Of Yourself, The Writer

Flowing Water

This is an even more enjoyable blog for me to write because my message  is to take care of yourself and the writer in you.  I think more than anyone else, we’re driven.  These fantasy people move into our heads and if we aren’t careful, they’ll run, and sometimes ruin, our lives.  Which one of us hasn’t come awake in the middle of the night with characters demanding to be written about — now.  This can be a wonderful thing, because it doesn’t last forever.  Just be certain you get the total rest you need afterward.  Listen to your body and find out just what that is.  We’re also finding out that daily naps are good for us.

Food and exercise come next.  Put yourself on a lifetime eating plan that gives your precious body the nutrients it needs.  Scientists have found that the human body does best on a sparing diet.  Don’t deprive yourself, just eat what you like wisely.  And exercise is just as important.  Talking with others, I’ve found that when we find exercises we like to do, we stick with them.  Anything from calisthenics to belly dancing is just dandy.  But don’t overdo.  This is about taking care of yourself.

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