More Tips for Mastering E-book Publication

This is the final of three parts written by Shawn James, who does well with publishing his own e-books and helping others to publish.  You may reach him at

The day after Christmas is the biggest day of the year when it comes to e-book  sales.  When an e-book self-publisher is planning a presentation, he or she takes a heavy focus on one date.  December 26.  Why?  Christmas day many people get Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, ipods and ipads and TV shows.

From December 26 to mid-March is one of the biggest periods in the e-book market.  It’s the perfect time for a self-published author to launch a new title or promote an existing one.  With millions of people around the world looking to try out e-books on their new devices, it’s a great opportunity for an author to find an audience of readers for their title.

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Doing Your Best with the E-book Market

E-books are the fastest growing segment of the book market.  And self-published authors are fnding an audience of readers for their titles due to the low cost of setting up a title on an e-publishing website such as Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Pubit, Apple’s itunes or Smashwords.

Self-publishing e-books isn’t expensive nor is it difficult.  All an author needs to create an e-book is Microsoft Word, some photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop Elements for their covers, an e-mail address and a bank account to deposit royalty payments in.  Most e-publishing websites such as Amazon or Pubit  will convert the Word Files to e-pub or Mobi, the two leading formats used by the markeetplace.

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