Solomon and Sheba – Chapter 12

This is the last of the immediately  excerpted chapters of S&S. The book  is fully in outline and acted-out stages and the final writing has begun.  I will fill my blog now with guest blogs, helpful tips and links to help you with your writing and encouragement with all my heart to go ahead with what you want to write.  The time has never been more opportune.  E-books are blossoming all over the map and they’re getting better and better. 

From time to time until S&S is published in either July or  October 2012,  I will excerpt other chapters that I think you’ll find engrossing.  This chapter will stay on for approximately 6 weeks. 

I certainly hope you’re with me in this.  The topics I tackle in this book are so much a part of our world today.  We sorely need to feel the love of God and His blessings in our lives.  What better then than one of the Holy Bible’s most intense and treasured love stories.  Timeless love can be ours too.


The trip to New Orleans had been uneventful, but Sheba and Marty were both nervous.  He rapped with the door knocker on the black grilled, white  door of the redbrick  house on Gentilly Boulevard, a house  that  he had slowly passed many times when he lived In New Orleans with his great uncle Charlie Cartier, his mother’s uncle.  Marty drew a sharp breath and held Sheba’s hand tightly.

The door opened quickly and they faced a beigeskinned sixtiessomething woman with close-cropped black curly hair and an oval face.  She was very attractive, but she held her lips in a bitter line as she invited them in, her eyes never leaving their faces.

“So you made it,” she said.  “I should be civil and ask about your trip, but you’ll find I’m not the most civil of people.  Come in and sit down and tell me exactly what you want from me.  I certainly know you very well, Martin, although I’ve only spoken with you by phone, and that  lately.   And I know  you, Sheba, from your beautiful voice when I listen to Marty’s sermons.  Yes, I do listen from time to time.  And you obviously know a little about me.”

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Solomon and Sheba – What It’s About

Readers looking for excerpts from Dying on the Edge will find them just beyond the material below.

I promised and now I’m delivering.  Below is the background for my coming in 2012 lush novel of love and hatred, forgiveness and redemption.

S&S is set in the imaginary Eastern Shore Maryland town of 20,000, Marigold.  The time is July 2007 – July 2008.  The story revolves around several couples, interracial and intraracial.  The leading stars are Martin - Marty – Solomon a white (or is he?) much loved and admired minister of a swiftly growing nondenominational church and Sheba,  his African American wife who is 7 years older than he.   Sheba is gifted with a gorgeous lyric soprano voice and psychic gifts that sometimes seem more a curse than a blessing.

Then there is Marty’s brother, Pete, with a loving family and a heart full of hatred, beginnning with his more favored brother Marty.  Another couple  is 81-year-old Joe Isaacs and his tad older wife Addie Love.  He has put her on a pedestal she is terrified of falling from.  There are the Mallories,  another interracial pair;   David who is white and Merla who is African  American     They are deeply in love and have it all figured out.  Why is trouble threatening to tear them apart?  Two more are an African American couple,  Emil and Kaya Gardner and their fascinating twins, Biff and Lisa.  They thought they  had  Paradise until illness struck  and almost  undid them.  Black world traveler psychologist Dr. Mark Lisner and his Swedish wife Marguerite are town favorites, but his illustrious life hides sadness and regret.  His wisdom has been gained at a price no one of us would care to pay.

I’ll run the prologue by you in a few days,  then several more excerpts.  I’m looking forward to getting your “take” on this story because it’s close to my heart as all my stories are. I’ll welcome your comments and suggestions.

Stay tuned and here’s hoping I’ll see you here!