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Blue Marlin Jumping

For a moment you’ll feel shortchanged, but don’t.  I’m referrng you to a lengthy and excellent blog on marketing that Don Harold who owns and runs Bookwhirl, a marketing outfit, has set out from an expert in the field.

Read, enjoy and profit hugely.  I did.  In checking this, I found it a little different.  What you’ll get at first is Mr. Harold’s website.  On the right side scroll down to his blog list and select 7 Marketing Tips, etc..

Some Odds n’ Ends

Big City Taxi

I’ve been surfing the internet to find places to suggest you visit to learn a bit more about self-publishing.  It has become a burgeoning field, but there is the good, the bad and the ugly and you need to know who fits where.  Sorry, it’s something you’re going to have to decide for yourself.  Just don’t forget, always check with Better Business Bureau (BBB) office in your city.

I begin with Google.  Ask specific questions about those considered best in the field and you’ll get good answers.  It’s simple.  You’ll get so much information your head will swim.  Tired of that?  Try looking at a few of the numerous individual sites such as  Sooner or later you’ll find one you can live with.  Don Harold, one of the owners, is a pleasant, courteous, helpful person to deal with. They can help with your marketing. There are scores of  others  and such luminaries as Harlequin are getting into the act. 

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