Solomon and Sheba – Chapter 3

Within the next few days, I will give you another chapter of Solomon and Sheba, a chapter from the life of the older couple,  Sheba’s grandfather Joe and his beloved wife Addie Love.  He has kept her on a pedestal, worshipping her.  What happens when she insists on falling off?

Just a reminder that while this chapter has been proofed, it is in the draft stage and is presented for your thoughts and comments.  It is  not the finshed product.  Please enjoy and comment and I look forward to your continuing to read as I write.

Marty Solomon stood on the elevated stage of Church of the Holy Redeemer looking out on the congregation eager to hear this particular sermon,  God’s Precious Gift: How Well Do We Handle it?  This was a subject dear to his heart: The sexual-sensual complex.  He spoke from a fully trained mind and heart because he had enjoyed a splendid relationship with his late wife and a like one with Sheba, his present wife. Hymns had been sung and he knew they looked forward to Sheba and Angel Voices later singing spirituals. But it was hushed now in anticipation of this sermon,  and he could imagine the many young people in his congregation saying, “Bring it on, Rev.”

He came from behind the lectern and spread his arms as if to embrace them all as the lights dimmed to a soft candlelit glow. Marty’s mellifluous baritone began.  ”Do you think of your sexual-sensual complex as one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind?”

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Solomon and Sheba – Chapter 1

Note to Readers:  I neglected to tell  you that this is a work in progress and so you will find a few errors.  The final version of S&S will be relatively free of errors and will make a smoother read.  I just wanted you to get the concept of this book and invite you to offer any suggestions you wish.  I welcome them all.

“Crazy jackass!” Sheba Solomon muttered half under her breath.  She had just stared again into the malevolent eyes of Punch Motherwell and her stomach was tying itself into knots.  Had it been three years ago?

“What did you say, honey?” her  husband, Marty Solomon asked before he belatedly got her comment.  “I’m afraid I was thinking the same thing.  I guess it’s not very Christian of either one of us.” Read the rest of this entry »