Some Updates on Dying on the Edge

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This week I begin, as promised, to tell you about my new romantic voodo mystery, Dying on the Edge.  It is available at Wheatmark Bookstore, for $18.95,  free shipping and handling.  It’s taking a bit longer than usual to go on Amazon and Kindle, but will be on,  I would guess, within the next two weeks.  It is taking longer than I had anticipated.

Today, I had planned to have photos of  front and back covers on this site, but the person handling it has hit a slight snag.  Photos will be up within a day or so.  Today, I’ll just give you a bit of information and tomorrow I’ll give you the copy from the back cover that is a true description of the book’s storyline.

Dying on the Edge is set in an imaginary city on the east coast between NewYork and Boston.  It is  April 1992  and I chose a detectives team to work this story because they were very much a part of the 90′s police scene.  The story begins with a prologue depicting a woman reminiscing about her time in Haiti seeking voodoo spells to kill a rival whose husband she intends to have. It is multicultural and so, multiracial.  Several socioeconomic levels are depicted, and I think you’ll like the variety.

I have a slogan with this story and it’s more or less true:  Dying on the Edge is Written in Blood — Mine!  It is a story of universal truths and treachery, of warmth and tenderness, of betrayal and lusts beyond reason.

Wednesday the excerpts begin, along with, I hope, the book photos and you can judge for yourself.  Later, there will be a trailer posted on this site.

I look forward to seeing you here.  Take  very good care.

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  1. Grace Napolitano Says:

    I truly like following your articles It just adds that special something to the afternoon.

  2. Francine Craft Says:

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your saying so. Sorry for the delay, but there were admin. matters on my just released book.

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