Some Helpful Websites to Make Your Writing More Successful (Part l)

In this list, I put Google at the top. It has proved to be a wonderful aid to accessing information of all kinds. But do be careful, Google can be wrong at rare times. I cross check, double check, ask librarians and social scene friends. But by and large, Google delivers. Let me suggest that if you don’t get a desired answer, rephrase your question several times. I have gotten just the info I needed on the third or fourth try.

If it’s blogging you want to do, know that it’s an excellent aid to publicizng all types of books. Put on your best English cap. If you’re not good at editing, engage one. You don’t have to be a top drawer writer to be an excellent blogger, but you do need to know your writing basics. Of course your own website is excellent for blogging and you control that. By all means pick a subject that totally engages you, one you feel passionately about. Do a rough draft. let it cool, then do your best work on it. I like blogging one to two times a week. Some do it ever day, your preference. One of the best places to blog is at this website. They will guide you into setting up and further direction. You will have a huge audience.

These two websites will keep you busy practicing to interact with interested readers of your books. Or maybe you just want to be a blooger. People have become famous and a few rich doing it. Don’t count on either. Most bloggers find it an entertaining and satisfying way to link to interested and interested people.

Next time, I give Part 2, and that will give you websites that will give you direct info about putting your writing out there. Did you know you can now both indie publish and write for a regular publisher at once. If you’re highly energetic, this is fine. I wouldn’t advice it otherwise.

Until next time, may God be with you. Put God first and know wonxders you never dreamed you could do. When love begins wh Him, it is real and works beautifully for our good. Faith can be the beginning of all great things!

Love and blessings,


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