Some Easter Goodie Links

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It’s Easter and I want to share a couple of real goodie  links with you.   You’ll find both immensely helpful, but the help you get from the first one is huge.

Put into your browser  You’ll be delighted to see a wealth of readily available info at your fingertips.  Sign up for  AME’s newsletter.  This issue has topics such as 1) Syndication Sensation, 2) How To Sell a lot of books on Amazon, 3) Nine Steps To Writing A Novel You Can Sell.  Pique your interest?  There are many other useful tips.  You’ll find free online training courses available and books on publicity including Penny’s excellent “Red Hot Internet Publicity,” at  reduced prices.

Another link you’ll need to check a lot is  This will give you other useful links and a wealth of info about blogging.

Checking AME out is going to give you all you care to handle for a little while.  You’ll be missing a good bet if you don’t sign up for this newsletter and study it carefully.  It comes out fairly often and is always loaded.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!  Pour your passion into your writing, and you’ll be surprised at what comes back to you.

2 Responses to “Some Easter Goodie Links”

  1. Marlive Says:

    Yes Francine, Penny Sansevieri, the owner of Author Marketing Expert, is an ideal person to follow online via her website and on Twitter (@bookgal). Happy Easter to you as well!

  2. Francine Craft Says:

    Glad to know you agree. There are few people in the field who have your unerring instincts for picking winners. I’m still watching with delight what you’re doing with LaConnie Taylor-Jones.

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