So you think you want to self-publish!

Self-PublishingSelf publishing is now heralded as the wave of the future. In the beginning, it often turned out to be a shoddy, unsatisfactory affair and more expensive than you wanted it to be. Now with print on demand (POD) and many new and good companies coming into place, things are looking up. Quality of work is excellent and there is a variety of prices to fit your pocketbook.

Xlibris, BookSurge and Lulu are three I’ve heard good things about, and yes, a few complaints. I would advise that you check your contract with anyone with a fine-tooth comb. Get a lawyer to check it over. There are legal aid societies in every city or larger town. Or get someone in the law school of your local college. I’ve found them particularly helpful.

My next book, Dying On The Edge, a mystery, is to be released next April. It has been a joy to see it take shape.

Try Googling for information on the best publishers to self publish your book. You’ll truly find a wealth of information.

Next week, I’ll discuss some tips I’ve found helpful in self-publishing, and later, tips on marketing your book!

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