Self-publishing – Study the Field

Flowing Water

Flowing Water

It will be useful to you to study the ever widening field of self-publishing.  There is now a fairly wide range of publishers out there that will help you with your book.  Google the subject, then google the ones that seem a most likely fit.  I believe you  will find that . offers more than most.  I found them reasonable, but if you need real economy, there are others you’ll readily find on Google.

I’d like you to check in with Wheatmark and order their big brochure entitled “Marketecture.”  It gave me so much more assurance about what I wanted from my book in terms of audience, expenses, energy I would need to expend.   The brochure suggested that I actually begin thinking about and planning marketing before writing the book.  Think about it and you’ll find it makes great sense.

Tomorrow I have another suggestion with this company that will prove to be one of the backbones of your marketing.  Hey, you’ve written a book and that’s wonderful.  Now get out there and let the world know how good it is.

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