Self Publishing: Learning to Market What you Write!

Things of Beauty

Things of Beauty

You may think I’m skipping steps here, but first-rate marketing is one of the first things you need to begin to master when you have a book to publish, and long before. You really need to think deeply, study and know what audience you want to reach even before you begin to write.  But if you’ve already got your book done, it’s not too late.

Ther’re a lot of companies out there that will help you self-publish and will do a bang-up job with it.  Far fewer are able to do a creditable job of helping you to market your book.  But just as certain companies specialize in self-publishing, so others specialize in helping you market.

Get used to the idea that the load is going to be yours to carry, no matter who you get or how much you pay, and you can pay plenty.  I no longer take the time to put websites and info in my blogs.  I tell you to google.  They’re better at it than I am.  But a word of caution: learn to phrase your questions carefully.  It can mean the difference between getting the answer you want and something that makes you cry.   And Google can be wrong.  From time to time, check other sources.

Cover the field.  Get in touch with Amazon if you’ve written a book or if you’ve got one already with them.  They  can Kindle it for you and pay royalties.  Get in touch with  The latter will only use books submitted in e-book format, but again you can google and find a company that will put your book in e-book form for $199. Amazon gets both high and low marks from authors, but they’re out there and worth a try.  I have 22 books on Amazon.

Please let me hear from you about your experiences with marketing.  And whatever you do, don’t get suckered into paying big money for publicity that’s never going to pay for itself.  Check your Better Business Bureau.  Ask for references and contact those references.  Money is precious these days, so don’t waste it.

Prepare to spend a minimum of 3 years (that’s right, years) publicizing your book.  You put your life blood into designing and writing it.  Why do less with marketing?  Invest in a couple of really good books.  One great, one good.  The first is John Kremer’s 1001 Ways To Market Your Book.  It’s under $30 and available from Amazon; used copies are also available.  The second is Steve Weber’s Plug Your Book. Available from Amazon.   It’s almost solely about the internet and as I said it’s good.  Spend a lot of time marking up and making both books dogeared; they’ll pay off richly.

Right now is the time when you can succeed, but it’s going to be up to you. Think about it; by the time the recession is over, you’ll be well into your marketing, or finishing it.  You’ve written your book and you’ve  hopefully self-published it.  Now is an even bigger hurdle:  MARKETING!
Google the term and see what it brings you. If you really want success, you’re going to have to change some mindsets.

Next week I’ll have the major things you’re going to have to know to market well.  See you then?

Love and blessings,

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