Places to Help You Indie Publish

I’m really sorry to have been away from you so long, but I had totally unnecessary computer problems and was out of business for over three weeks.  Now I’m back and hope you’ll continue with me.

I could be linear about this and tell you all the things you’ll need to be to self-publish, but I won’t because you’d get bored.  I’m going to hit the highlights and tell you what’s good and what’s bad about this indie business.  Let’s be positive and hit some of the good spots.  By now, you know that e-books have just about taken over the lead role, taking it even away from paperbacks.  I’d say, however, do get at least  few paperbacks if your books is especially important to you, and yes, a couple of hard  covers too.


Right now, I’ll tell you about CreateSpace, Amazon’s publishing arm, or one of them.  I really liked working with them to publish Dying on the Edge.  They’re available for human calls and quickly answered e-mails.  They’re almost completely courteous and knowledgeable — and they publish good looking books – free of charge. They make money from the books they sell, because any author wants and needs copies for review, friends, family and for other personal use.  Do contact them at  So far, they’re loves.  Let’s hope they don’t go the way of so many other companies.

People who are proud of their expertise  with computers also like, a UK company. They do charge, but I won’t go into their charges.  Also, you might wish to contact who also charge, and again I’m not sure how much.  These fees change a lot and your best bet is the get brochures from all three companies.

Know that you’re going to need good covers.  There’re many good artists out there ranging from $60 to $500.  There’re also free templates , excellent for use by anyone even fairly talented.

Next time I’ll tell you about e-book conversion, the hells and the heavens of the little darlings.  Let me tell you it can make you tear the last three strands of your hair out, but it’s well worth the time and trouble to learn.   Then be aware that there’s help out there at a realistic price.

I’m so enthusiastic about independent publishing.  Get rich, you won’t, but if you take the time and make the effort to master what you’re doing, you’ll find yourself on top of something others are only wishfully considering.

Live your life and love your living!  Until next time.


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  1. Marlive Says:

    Great post Francine! Author LaConnie Taylor-Jones is also talking about her e-book conversion fiasco this week. Check her out and lend your voice to the conversation and dialogue about being an indie author with quite a few e-books under your belt!

  2. Francine Craft Says:

    Marlive, I could not resist commenting with her via e-mail, giving her some tips. There is much help to be had in this field, but you have to be careful who you choose. I recommended a woman I know who’s very good. If she can’t help her, she can probably recommend someone.

    Always my best to you.

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