More Useful Websites to Help you Succeed in Indie Publishing – Part 2

Whatever you do, please don’t let anyone else’s thinking replace yours. You’ve written your book(s) — quite an accomplishment. Now you want to get it in the hands of readers. Truly good editing and proofing are absolute necessities. Google or the word of a trusted friend who has used the editor and proofer will help. If Google, be sure to check for complaints and kudos for your choice. If it’s to be an e-book, you’ll need a specialist in this to save pulling out your hair.

The best people to prepare your edited and proofed manuscript for e-book publishing will do it for both Amazon and Smashwords for the same price. Again, work with Google on this. They have the formats, etc. I’ve known writers who do their own, but I can’t sweat it These two companies are premier in the field and give a world of support and publicity. From them, you get worldwide distribution and special articles to keep up with what’s going on.

Amazon is one I’m sure you’re familiar with, but you need to check into Kindle Direct Program, not just Amazon. Take your time and study the material this gives you. You won’t master it in a day, or even perhaps in months. But the study will let you know what it’s all about and how to proceed. Don’t let it throw you. When you strike a glitch, contact them on their Contact us form. Whatever you do, be pleasant and clear about your question. They will replly within 24 hours.

The same advice applies to Smashwords, a smaller but excellent publisher. I’ve simply loved working with both for the past 4 years.

Two publishers is not much to give you, you may think. But if you do it right, it’s going to take a while to get your teeth into this undertaking. Even partial success is a major accomplishment.

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Until next timw, when I will discuss indie publishing further, I look forward to “seeing” you again. I wish you love and blessings. May God go with you.


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