‘Passion’s Fool’

Passion's Fool

Passion's Fool

Passion’s Fool
Kimani Press, February 2006
$5.99 US; ISBN: 1583147284

Older Woman, Younger Man
With the Right One, it’s Wise to be Passion’s Fool

TV reporter Raven McCloud’s latest investigation has landed her in the middle of a crime-ridden area of D.C.. Fortunately, police officer Adam Steele offers her a ride home. To thank him, Raven invites Adam to join her and her young daughter for dinner, and Adam soon realizes that he wants them in his life on a permanent basis. But when he asks her about dating, Raven turns him down, pointing out that she’s ten years his senior. The truth is she’s still reeling from the pain of her vindictive ex-husband. Still, Adam’s not ready to back down. He finally manages to get her out on a date, but a threat to Raven’s life derails the romance. Adam’s first priority will have to be to protect the woman he loves — but from whom? He’ll have to work fast to get their passion back on track.

Then there are Raven’s and Adam’s friends, an interracial couple whose problems aren’t race at all, but her jealousy and distrust. He’s working around the clock for their future, but she believes he’s playing the field, and she doesn’t hesitate to let him know she isn’t satisfied. They’ve been in love for years before they were married in college; now is it too late to save a marriage they thought ideal? Or is their love doomed?

Read it; you’ll love it!

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