Is Independent Publishing For You?

We know very well that not everything is for everybody, but we often want to do things that others advise against.  To me, if it’s realistic and reasonable and I want it, I’ll go for it.  Not gonna break the bank for it or make myself sick with overtrying and overwork, but I will tap into how it can work for me.  This is how I felt about independent publishing, and still feel.  My journey into this “indie” field has been long and not without pitfalls.  I think I may be able to save you a few missteps, tears and missed meals if you’ll do the following:

l) Ask yourself if you basically like working alone, can encourage and sustain yourself.  If not, you may be able to work with a friend.  That was not for me and fortuntely I knew it.  I like working alone and often being alone.  Contemplating my emotional navel is one of my best diversions.

2) Are you prepared to treat this the way you’d treat any business.  You have at least a small amount of money set aside.  You’re prepared to map out your time, leaving enough for rest, sleep, self-care and recreation. 

3) You’re truly into this publishing thing.  Yes, books that should have been edited, proofed and otherwise vetted are coming out without any of these.  But do you really want this for your book?  They live forever, you know.

4) Can you take disappointment and rejection as well as success.  This is an absolute necessity, because all this is out there lying in wait for you before you reach your long awaited success.

If you can weather the above, then Google and begin to study.  I had writing courses in college and on the job, but I constantly read and take new courses.   The independent field is a fascinating one, changing constantly now, rewarding some and denying others.  Stick with it and I think in time you’ll find what you’re seeking, but you’ve got to work at it long and hard.

I’ll be having guest bloggers who have done more of it than I have.  I’m preparing my second indie book and trying to decide whether to do print or e-book.  The market will probably decide for me.

Next tine I’ll tell you about Amazon’s CreateSpace that publishes your books for free and give you tips on how to find out if it’s for you.  Here’s hoping you’re here with me next time!

2 Responses to “Is Independent Publishing For You?”

  1. Janet King Williams Says:

    I can honestly answer yes to all the questions plus add one more. I needed to do it out of necessity. I had been laid off of work and one day came across a story I had written over ten years ago. I must say a lot has change in the publishing world. So I decided to give it a try.

    I have so many stories in my head that are crying to come out. What do you do when faced with this issue and also, how many words do you try to reach a day.

  2. Francine Craft Says:

    Thanks so much for writing. You can make this one of the happier times of your life by making your own job — writing. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been laid off, but use it to your advantage. Read everything you can about the exploding new e-book publishing field that has changed the face of publishing. I long ago began to jot down the stories in my head and I still do. Take them one at a time. And read, read, and read some more. Haunt your local library. Many fine writers do suchandsuch a number of words a day. I try to get at least four pages on computer or handwritten. Then there’s the time you need to spend daydreaming, acting out your scenes, just jotting down whatever comes to mind. It’s really up to you to decide how many words you want to do a day.

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