Helpful Places You Should Know About

Self-publishing is more than a notion.  You can make it harder than it needs to be, or you can make it much easier for yourself.  Begin by keeping at your fingertips basic guides like  I think you already know you’ll get a world of knowledge here, including Wikipedia.  But I cannot caution you enough to check everything  thoroughly by cross checking your information.

Of course, Google is one of a kind, but it also can be amazingly helpful to log into publishers that want to help you do what you’re doing, self publishing.  Most have good websites, and you can pick up a lot of useful tips about self-publishing, marketing, editing, what makes a good book and other helpful resources.

One of the best and most thorough publishing companies I’ve found is  This is a well-run company with many employees to get the job done.  They’re not the cheapest, but I think they’re far and away the best.  They take time with you, answer all your questions patiently, have top-rated staff and help you put out the  first-class book of your dreams.

A few others that I’ve taken time to study are,, and  I mention these although I haven’t personally tried them.  I do know others who have tried them with varying degrees of success.

Next week I’ll write about studying the blogs of others, give a few links that you might find useful, and you might also consider inviting others to be your guest bloggers as I plan to do shortly.  There’s so much help to be had out there.  Make it your own and reap rich benefits.

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