Good Help for Indie Publishers from Amazon and Smashwords

As you probably already know, Amazon and Smashwords are by far the leaders iin indie publishing. Both are fred and offer much assistant in getting your book to market. If you’re new at this, check into their websites and study them. Amazon’s e-mail address for this is Smashwords if simply Spend some time studying what they offer. Material is clear, concise and help is availble. Look at the top and the bottom of the first page.

I’ll put Amazon first because it is the leader. Huge though it is, when you ask a question, the assistants are helpful and counrteous and get back to you within 24 hours. They have a wonderful system of distributing a few days of FREE books that are terrific promotional aids. You will need to sign up for KDP Select for this. You give Amazon sole distribution for digital righs only. You are free to continue to publish print coopies and whatever to any publisher you choose.

Smashwords is the second leader in this field. Their e-mail address is given above. Much smaller than Amazn, they are still excellent. One thing I like is that their founder Mark Coker published an enormoously helpful newslteter about the indie publishing field. I sae mine because he is sharp and those newsletters tell you so much about what is to come.

These two indie publishers are really all I’ve ever needed. There are others out ther that charge quite a bit and you might want to look them up on Google. But for right now, if you do it right, you will have your hands full mastering this.

I will give you timw to stuy these two. Ask them questions and study, study, study! Indie publishing is one of the most fascinating fields I have worked with. And if you do it right, it can pay well. There is no pie in he sky though. Time and effort is required. Know this, be ver patient — and dig in!

Until next time when I bring you more news on indie publishing, I wish you love and blessings,