Getting into a Right for Writing Frame of Mind

Greetings Blog Friends! Sometimes we sit down with a mind full of what we want to write – and our mind goes just about blank. It’s a bummer and can consume a lot of lost time. I’ve learned to first concentrate on putting myself into a right frame of mind. Since I’m spiritual and religious, I spend a short while praying. Prayers work fantastically well for me. You might chose to just sit and reflect on what you want to write. I pray that God will direct my hands and my mind to help and to heal others. I’ve never failed to feel my mind clear and focus well on what I want to say. I’ve already jotted down the gist of my blog. Put my confidence cap on and then I begin.

Is this working for you? If not, you may be so independent you want to try your own way of doing, and so be it. Try doing it your way a few times and see if this works better for you. It is just so important that your mind work with you and not against you. By all means learn to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Writing is such a persoal thing. Learn to know your own voice and how to use it well. Visualize your audience and never speak down to them. People are far smarter than you think, and they have much more savvy. They get you more often than you think. So put respect for the people you’re writing for in first place. That way, you will be sure you’ve gotten your information correct, your facts checked and your material well written.

All this before you write a word. I like to do a blog with my mind singing. I praise God as I go alone. It is so uplifting. You’re ready to communicate, hopeful that you have information that can help someone perform their best.

Ready! Get set! Breathe deeply!


Next time we’ll go into helpful websites that can give you great info on indie publishing, a two-part series. Until then, Let Go and Let God. Why> Because it works. Until then –

Love and blessings


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