Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Welcome back to my blogs. I really missed you guys.

Right now, I will be giving you some info I’ve learned that is helpful in Indie publishing (independent). Once it was almost solely referred to as self-publishing, but this is a misnomer. Self-publishing would mean that you do it all yourself: writing, proofing, editing, you name it. Now those who seem to me, including myself, get the best and most professional results from running the indie show begins with writing. Then we hire a professional editor and proofreader. We also set up a plan for publicity with a really good person or firm. Checking into Google will let you know about complaints as well as praise.

If we’re dealing with e-books, we learn to upload to whatever service will publish. There are firms that might best help you get your feet wet and give you confidence. They’re expensive, but if you want to learn the ropes, this might be your best bet, for at least one time. Google this and get names and addresses, and please go in with your best intelligence at work. Goodgle what complaints have come in against these companies. It will save you money and tears. None will work miracles, but they can be great learning experiences. I used and favor Wheatmark which I feel is one of the best. I find their information unassailable, their people knowledgeable and helpful. They also have a blog that carries first rate, helpful information.

So, please watch for interesting and helpful information on here and pray with me that I stay well and with it.

Until next time soon, love and kindness is all our lives. Let it begin with God’s grace!


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