Child Abuse Awareness Month

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April is a lovely month to designate as Child Abuse Awareness Month.  The world comes awake from long months of winter cold and slumber and blossoms into months of splendor.  It’s yet another great time to be alive!

But it isn’t such a great time if you’re an abused child, cowering, helpless, feeling alone even if you’re not, because no one is stopping your craven punishment whether verbal, physical, emotional, or mental.  You hurt so bad it feels unbearable – and sometimes you die from it.  Someone could have helped, but no one did and maybe no one will.

And here’s where we all come in.  You read the printed page, you look at the news on the internet and you watch the news and other stories on TV.  So you know our world is going into apparent freefall.  In the past two years in this metropolitan area alone one mother will spend her life in prison for murdering her four children whose bodies she kept in the house for seven months, and when detectives came calling she characterized  the oldest, a l6-year-old honor student  as a Jezebel and a whore, and castigated the three youngest ones.

Another adoptive mother left her 13-year-old still alive in a creek to freeze to death in the January cold, after lying to everyone that the child was trouble-prone and impossible to handle.  Yet another adoptive mother beat and mistreated a 7-year-old until the child escaped and led police to the bodies of two sisters frozen in a freezer kept in the house for the past two years.

This is only one area of this country.  Horror stories are being told all over and we must pull ourselves out of our lethargy and do something.  Pray as we’ve never prayed before, but prayers have never been enough.  God gave us free will and we must act.  I know, these are times of recession and many are depressted, but stop and think.  If you can, please do give time and money to your area’s child abuse prevention and treatment centers.

But even if you cannot, you can give your thoughts, aid and comfort wherever it is needed.  Reach out and help family, friends, neighbors.  If you see child abuse, report it to the police.  Talk about it in your family, your church, your clubs.

Because if we don’t wake up and act, our world as we know it is going to become a horror chamber of dizzying repulsive acts and consequences that we won’t be able to live with!  Do it now!  Please!  For your sake and the sake of our children and our world!

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