Getting into a Right for Writing Frame of Mind

Greetings Blog Friends! Sometimes we sit down with a mind full of what we want to write – and our mind goes just about blank. It’s a bummer and can consume a lot of lost time. I’ve learned to first concentrate on putting myself into a right frame of mind. Since I’m spiritual and religious, I spend a short while praying. Prayers work fantastically well for me. You might chose to just sit and reflect on what you want to write. I pray that God will direct my hands and my mind to help and to heal others. I’ve never failed to feel my mind clear and focus well on what I want to say. I’ve already jotted down the gist of my blog. Put my confidence cap on and then I begin.

Is this working for you? If not, you may be so independent you want to try your own way of doing, and so be it. Try doing it your way a few times and see if this works better for you. It is just so important that your mind work with you and not against you. By all means learn to say what you mean and mean what you say. Read the rest of this entry »

Changes in the Indie Publishing Terrain

Greetings my blog friends! You’re probably aware of many changes in indie publishing in the past few years. Up through much of 2013, I was doing quite satisfactorily as I expanded Craft’s New America Press. I was a happy camper. A new cancer survivor, I’m sure all this good news helped me pull through so rapidly. Then sales began to fall and I fugured it was just the later time of year, but not so. This has contnued up to presently.

A number of things cause this: Just about all places like Amazon, Smashwords, etc. are offering free books. Amazon has the highly succeddful plan for $9.98 a month that gives you unlimited access to 700,000 books to choose from. Other plans that favor the reader and leave writers out in the cold are in the works. We are going to have to find many answers to this, but we are a resourceful group and we will publish our writing and/or get it published. We have a love affair with readers, and we’re not about to let go. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Welcome back to my blogs. I really missed you guys.

Right now, I will be giving you some info I’ve learned that is helpful in Indie publishing (independent). Once it was almost solely referred to as self-publishing, but this is a misnomer. Self-publishing would mean that you do it all yourself: writing, proofing, editing, you name it. Now those who seem to me, including myself, get the best and most professional results from running the indie show begins with writing. Then we hire a professional editor and proofreader. We also set up a plan for publicity with a really good person or firm. Checking into Google will let you know about complaints as well as praise. Read the rest of this entry »

Back with You Again!

Hello Blog Friends -

I’ve been away from this blog for a while. Physical difficulties set in and the doctor advised that I take a break. I now feel fine and am ready to continue where we left off. You know me as a romantic suspense, mystery and inspirational romantic suspense writer. Last November I broadened my platform to include inspirational as well. Building Faith: A Journey from Death to Life came out October 2014 on Amaon’s KDP Select only for the time being. It has done well to say that this was my first out-and-out inspirational. It has stayed mostly midlevel after starting out on their Death and Grief Bestseller listing at 5. You’re all familiar with these lists. This book may be ordered from this website via Amazon or directly from their website.

Coming this October will be Keeping Faith: A Journey from Death to Life. Both books are slender, just under 100 pages, priced to sell at $0.99, and tell the story of my wrenching bout with cancer that left me in nearly total despair until after a year of refusing to be treated, I found that God had my back and no nonsense about it. This has been a wonderful thing to have happen. Out of the ashes came the phoenix! From my just about total despair God made His presence known with no nonsense and a world of love and comfort! Read the rest of this entry »

BUILDING FAITH: A Journey from Death to Life (fourth excerpt)

There are few things in this life that I hate, but my dislike of hospitals comes close. I’d been in the small, considered excellent hospital in D.C. before for two months forty years prior to this. As a writer, at that time I was plauged by a morbid fear of success. Each time I had even a story published, I wound up in a hospital suicidal. And I never agreed with the diagnosis. Needless to say, I didn’t sell much. The first time was in this hospital in the locked ward. I was on disability from a Federal government agency, and I couldn’t get it together. My therapist at the time worked diligently with me as I tried to write and failed. It wasn’t long before I began to dream of storms that were sweeping me off the bed. Frightening! I’d get up, look out and all was calm. Wracked with the fear of going crazy,I found dealing with life impossible.

The only good thing happening was that I read thirteen of Shakespeare’s plays several time and studied them intensely. This seemed the only lucid spot in my life, and I absorbed this as I couldn’t believe. An older woman friend who took an interest in me tried to help. She offered me a job as playground supervisor at a church school. I couldn’t take it and I shied away from friendship with her, while wanting to be friends. I got a couple of reasonable job offers, but couldn’t take them. The therapist kept assuring me that he didn’t think I would lose my mind. That I wasn’t my mother!

Fianlly, one day after trying all day to reach my therapist. I called his home and was less than civil with his wife who had always been very pleasant when I’d needed to call. Trembling, feeling deserted,I lay down and fell asleep feeling terrified, alone and anxious. When he did call. I could hear myself answering in a man’s voice. After a moment, he gently asked in a puzzled voice as he spoke my name. I came to myself then and knew who I was, but I could only answer in a very small child’s shaky voice, “Yes.” He immediately ordered me to go to the hospital that night. It was early and at that time there was little danger in the city. Read the rest of this entry »