Helpful Places You Should Know About

Self-publishing is more than a notion.  You can make it harder than it needs to be, or you can make it much easier for yourself.  Begin by keeping at your fingertips basic guides like  I think you already know you’ll get a world of knowledge here, including Wikipedia.  But I cannot caution you enough to check everything  thoroughly by cross checking your information.

Of course, Google is one of a kind, but it also can be amazingly helpful to log into publishers that want to help you do what you’re doing, self publishing.  Most have good websites, and you can pick up a lot of useful tips about self-publishing, marketing, editing, what makes a good book and other helpful resources.

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Link For An Excellent Blog on Marketing

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For a moment you’ll feel shortchanged, but don’t.  I’m referrng you to a lengthy and excellent blog on marketing that Don Harold who owns and runs Bookwhirl, a marketing outfit, has set out from an expert in the field.

Read, enjoy and profit hugely.  I did.  In checking this, I found it a little different.  What you’ll get at first is Mr. Harold’s website.  On the right side scroll down to his blog list and select 7 Marketing Tips, etc..

Staying Out Of The Spam Folder

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I’m sure the last thing you want is for your well thought out brochures and flyers to land smack dab in the spam folders of the people you’re trying to interest in your book.  This being true, I’ve checked around and find that your best bet is to go to good old Google and ask the specific question:  “What steps can I take to make sure my advertising info doesn’t go into spam folders?”

Voila!  Up will pop a raft of excellent material on many pages.  It’s up to you to weed out.  Some is more valuable than others.  But I gained far too much to winnow and put in a blog, so I thought it best to let you decide.  One thing is for certain, follow the guidelines and your material stands an excellent chance of going through to its intended recipient.  Good luck!

You’ll get help always at

Child Abuse Awareness Month

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April is a lovely month to designate as Child Abuse Awareness Month.  The world comes awake from long months of winter cold and slumber and blossoms into months of splendor.  It’s yet another great time to be alive!

But it isn’t such a great time if you’re an abused child, cowering, helpless, feeling alone even if you’re not, because no one is stopping your craven punishment whether verbal, physical, emotional, or mental.  You hurt so bad it feels unbearable – and sometimes you die from it.  Someone could have helped, but no one did and maybe no one will.

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Some Easter Goodie Links

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It’s Easter and I want to share a couple of real goodie  links with you.   You’ll find both immensely helpful, but the help you get from the first one is huge.

Put into your browser  You’ll be delighted to see a wealth of readily available info at your fingertips.  Sign up for  AME’s newsletter.  This issue has topics such as 1) Syndication Sensation, 2) How To Sell a lot of books on Amazon, 3) Nine Steps To Writing A Novel You Can Sell.  Pique your interest?  There are many other useful tips.  You’ll find free online training courses available and books on publicity including Penny’s excellent “Red Hot Internet Publicity,” at  reduced prices.

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