BRAB – Great New Book Club on the Online Block!

BRAB — Aptly named, the acronym is for Building Relationships Around Books!  This is an online book club of 475 members, with many of your favorite authors included.  The sharp brainchild of Sharon Blount, sharing her California lady talents, BRAB is a book club you’ll be glad you looked into. They don’t just welcome new members, they embrace you with warmth.  And they offer so much.  All the regular book club selections which includes a wide variety of reviews and other comments.  There are great discussions on topics you can suggest.  And they’re keen on listening, really listening to what you have to say!

Sharon (an interesting person I’ll interview on here when she gets more time), tells me she has always been an omnivorous reader, but found few people to discuss the books she reads with.  She got the idea for an online book club and didn’t hesitate to begin working on it.  She was pleased at  the  camaraderie she found with those who were interested.  It  was a hard, hard slog at first, no matter  how thrilling and satisfying.  These days, she’s more relaxed with an administrative helper, Ms. Prissy Parker, frequently commenting on the various books they talk about. Those two work very well together to bring you great questions you’ll enjoy answering, and other tidbits you’ll enjoy.

You’ll find their material on Facebook daily, and I promise you you’ll soon find yourself very involved.  Their website is  If you’re like me, you sigh when facing a bank of numbers, but remember you only have to put it in once and it comes up by itself for a very long time.  I double checked this, but should I be wrong, I’ll correct quickly and promise it will be right.

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Now I saved the best for last.  Ms Blount has a little son she calls Lil Man.  I won’t give his age away.  He’s autistic and God surely sent Sharon along as his mother.  She’s that great with him.  He’s cute as can be, a brown bundle of wonder.  I’m so entranced I share many of the photos she runs on FB of him.  In case you didn’t know, the autistic often — usually really — don’t interact comfortably with others, but that is changing through all kinds of therapy and programs.  Autistic people (and yes, there is also adult autism) are more often than not artistic and have been found to be some of the world’s smartest and most gifted in many fields.  It has now been shown to us that God has indeed touched these people.  Lil Man gets his smarts from his Mommy!

So, do check on this book club that I’m sure you’ll love.  And what could be more wonderful than having 555 kindred souls to talk with about books you enjoy — or don’t!  That’s allowed too.  Remember BRAB — Building Relationships Around Books!  Could life ever be sweeter than becoming part of a group like this?

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If you like first-class reading, please check out Shawn James’ All About Nikki — The Fabulous Years.  It’s available on Kindle and on Nook, and it’s the perfectly wonderful story of a thoroughly spoiled l6-year-old sent to live with her West Coast father.  Willful and full of spunk, Nikkie feels like the queen of all she surveys, is surly, wild, racist   and just about ungovernable.  That is, until Dad steps in with a loving, but truly firm hand.  He wants his teenager to have the best and be the best and he’s pretty sure his way will work.  But will it?  Please do follow Dad and recalcitrant Nikki as they spar, he with great love and understanding and she with a will to hold on to ways she feels best suited to her.  Quite a book Mr. James!  I really enjoyed it.  Shawn is one of our finest writers who always has something worthwhile and better still, something real to say.  It’s just $0.99.

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I’ll be bringing you more info on self-publishing.  Look for guest blogs, and whatever you do, try to begin getting to happy for the Holidays.  But if you have reason not to, don’t fret.  God is as close to you as to anyone on this earth!  Best for the Holidays!

7 Responses to “BRAB – Great New Book Club on the Online Block!”

  1. Marlive Says:

    The book club sounds wonderful Francine! I’m so glad to learn about them and that you’ve connected with a great group of avid readers. Happy Holidays to you and yours always!

  2. Ms. Prissy Says:

    Congratulation on a great blog site Mrs.Francine I really like the lay out as well as the piece you did on BRAB. Thank you for such compliments and praise, we do our best to keep the member involved and connected to the authors we love reading so much from. It’s nice to see such good compliments coming from a veteran author like yourself about BRAB book club and that you enjoy being apart of us. That’s how we want all our authors and readers to feel welcome, and like family!

  3. Francine Craft Says:

    Thank you, MsPrissy. There’s no compliment that the one paid by the group written about. BRAB is a winner!

  4. Sharon blount Says:

    Hello, Miss Craft

    Thank you for this beautiful article about me and Brab. I try my best to keep brab a place people to be. My goal is have place were everyone feels welcome share their thoughts and opinion on various topics that affects members with respect and love..Brab is different because we are family that love to read and love to share our love for reading. Love authors like yourselves included that come on offer advices too many that needs help in the industry also have fun. Its beautiful thing to happen we all love it love having you apart if the brab family. Once again thank you on spotlighting me and brab also the mention of my new admin / friend msprissy Parker she is a valuable asset to bran. we welcome everyone with open

  5. Francine Craft Says:

    From the beginning Ms. Blount, I was a fan of BRAB and I’m proud to be a member. You know I think both you and MsPrissy are sharp people who add so much to this world. I look foward to working with you both. Kudos to you both, and to BRAB. Wonderful concept, wonderful group!

  6. Cynthia M Says:

    I am a member of BRAB and love it. I have gotten to know some really nice people. BRAB has some wonderful things happening daily. I am so happy i joined! Congrats Sharon Blount don’t and MsPrissy and BRAB for a job well done.

  7. Francine Craft Says:

    Thanks so much Cynthia for taking your precious time to write and compliment Sharon, Ms. Prissy and me. Deliggted you like BARB and us. Have a great Christmas and a Happy 2013!


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