Back in the Saddle with BRAB

BRAB members = welcome back to my website. I have been a member from the beginning and worked closely with you a couple of years back. I am now a cancer survivor and just coming back into the fold with the speed I operated with before. I’m delighted to begin again now because we have the Vegas trip coming up. Fun-filled and information to be gained without end. So much to gain. I cannot be there, but I wish you and I know you will have with Sharon, Miss Prissy and a host of others you love a great old time!

Vegas is where everybody wants to go at least once. I am fortunate to know a couple of people there and they fell in love with Vegas long ago and the love affair continues.

You can get a wealth of information by checking into It is familiar to you now.

I will be proud to work with you again through this website – Should you have info you want double exposure for, please send to me ine reasonable time and I wass post. Quite a few read this newsletter and have read it for many mooons. So, new exposure.

I am a writer, and I’m also a heavy duty reader. I believe you cannot truly write without also reading. how else can we know what’s going on?

It’s great to be working with you again although I never lost contact. BRAB to me is one of the most effectve of book clubs. A real winner! Let’s keep it alive — and growing! We’ve got excellent leaders in Sharon and Miss Prissy, but let us all put in wonderful ideas and help that is leading too. Reminding us all that God is love and God blesses us every moment of our lives.

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