Thanks so much for stopping by and while you’re here, I want to share with you my background, what I’m doing, what makes me tick, and what makes me happy. Need I say I’m very interested in the same information about you, so don’t hesitate to email me!

I’m a native Mississippian, born in the small town of Morton and raised on the campus of a junior college founded by my grandfather, Utica Institute, now Hinds County Junior College. I attended Alcorn University and Tougaloo College in Mississippi, and Hampton University in Virginia, majoring in English and Literature. I lived in New Orleans for a while and that was a high point in my life. I found the people there to be among the best yet. The fabulous balls, the food and the camaraderie were not to be matched at that time. Then on to D.C., where I’ve been ever since. I took writing courses at George Washington University and at USDA Graduate School in D.C.  I’m seriously considering spending at least a couple of years in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain.

Writing is my passion. I’ve always considered myself blessed to have this talent and I never stop thanking God for it. I’ve written twenty-books, nineteen romances, stories in four anthologies, one mystery to be published and a mainstream waiting in the wings. The mystery is being self-published with the help of a first-rate company devoted to helping writers to be independent. I also have three mainstream romances in the planning stage which are Biblically-based. They are: “Solomon and Sheba,” (also based on the Loving vs. Virginia case that ended the ban on interracial marriage in some states). The other two are “Samson and Delilah,” and “David and Bathsheba. “The stories have present-day African-American lead characters, but are multiracial, and I’ll say all three are wonderful. I feel like I’m floating when I think about them.

One of my books, What Matters Most, was a Black Expressions Book Club selection, hard cover, and did well. Harlequin used five of my books (Best of Everything, Wild Heart, Dreams of Ecstasy, Passion’s Fool, and If Love Is Good To Me) as Introductory Books, sent to potential readers.

My books have been translated into Portuguese, Bulgarian, Spanish, and sell very well in the UK. Haunted Heart was a bestseller in 2004 in London (UK). I’m one of eight African American romance writers included in the UK’s Modern American Writers.

I am now deep into self-publishing, mostly my own books, both fiction and nonfiction, and into marketing, all of which is such an integral part of writing these days. What is called Marketecture is almost as interesting as writing – almost.

I’m a prodigious reader, love listening to music (mostly classical and country), photography, songwriting, watching babies strut their stuff and any positive conversations. And I mention it because it’s so tied up still with who I am – I still miss my late companion of almost thirty years, Myles. But then, I’ve been blessed with knowing and being friends with some first-rate men and women.