Building Faith: A Journey from Death to Life Review


 Building Faith: A Journey from Death to Life by Francine Craft

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Reviewed by Dr. Maxine Thompson

This Book is a Testament to the Power of Faith, Prayer, and Belief 

Part memoir, part health journal, I enjoyed Francine Craft’s inspirational book, Building Faith: A Journey from Death to Life. When the author was faced with a cancer diagnosis, she dug deep into the spirit to fight this deadly disease. This book deals with the crucible of mortality, the abyss of depression, and the importance of faith during life’s journey.

As she related her life story, the author indirectly showed what went into the making of an artist. Born of a young teen mom and a young father, and reared by her maternal grandparents in the early years, Francine went on to become a successful writer of numerous romantic suspense titles. However, inside, something was missing. That something was faith. Because of her early sense of abandonment, for years Francine searched for the answer through therapy, through reading, through writing. Then, finally, through her renewed faith, she was able to rise above her circumstances and face her fears.

This is the inspirational book she had wanted to write for 20 years and was finally able to do so. “I write these books of the spirit to pass on the hope that God has given to me,” the author says. After she went through her battle against cancer and saw how prayer made her outcome successful, she wrote this book as a testimony to the power of faith. Using Biblical scriptures as epigrams, this book provides an uplifting experience.

This is a fast read, but one you will come back to and read over and overDr. Maxine Thompson

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I’ve been gathering info on a few of the pitfalls of getting starting in indie publishing. I had written for publishers like Harlequin, BET (no longer in action) and one other major women’s fiction publishers for almost twenty years. Then e=book publishing opened up for freelancers and I jumped on it. Ah, freedom has been wonderful. Now it is dimming somewhat, but is still good. But you need to be on top of it, to know, to ferret out what is good and what is bad. Read the rest of this entry »

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The best people to prepare your edited and proofed manuscript for e-book publishing will do it for both Amazon and Smashwords for the same price. Again, work with Google on this. They have the formats, etc. I’ve known writers who do their own, but I can’t sweat it These two companies are premier in the field and give a world of support and publicity. From them, you get worldwide distribution and special articles to keep up with what’s going on. Read the rest of this entry »